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5th-Nov-2006 12:19 am - marketing...
Drying Money
I was wondering if anyone knew how to do impossible marketing schemes on a tight budget? I work for a chocolate company and would like to get some advertising in, is it a just a dream to get free space from billboard companies or is there a way to actually do it??? I might be insane but I want to try... thanks:)

Hi all

I am conducting a research project for university studying the correlation between ones personal growth (ie- their pursuit for happiness) and growth in their business. And how adverse situations in your life can affect such pursuits.

I am looking for a broad range of people to answer a quick questionnaire, everyone from university/college students, business managers and leaders, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and basically anyone interested in business.

The questions are under the cut, and I would be ever so grateful if you could take 5 or so minutes of your time to do the questionnaire so that we can gain some insight on the correlation between personal happiness and business aspirations. Really….it’s interesting stuff.

Once the research is done I’m happy to send it around to anyone who is interested in the findings.

Thanks heaps,

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17th-Aug-2006 06:29 pm - New Moderator
Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I am the new sheriff in town. Okay I'm just the community moderator. But I thought I would let you guys know... prepare for more people! I am going to try and find some new people to talk in here, and maybe try to jazz up the image in here, just a little! If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

15th-Aug-2006 08:18 am - Never Judge
On Friday I had a humbling experience. A few days before Friday, a scary looking individual with a speech problem came in and asked how to join our service. I admit I was afraid of him. But instead of going with my first instinct of scaring him away by telling him the prices, I talked with him and learned he was robbed once and shot in the face, and that is why he talked that way.
So I made him an appointment for Friday and he came in and ended up paying us 3000$ and I made a little bit from it for setting the appointment. So that is exciting, and the whole office learned the powerful lesson in not being judgemental. I thought I would share with you all.

27th-Jul-2006 10:30 pm - I gots promoted
today we let go our matchmaker/member relations person. and I moved up into her position I am so excited! I got a pay raise and a bigger office. So now there is only 3 people at my office. What sizes are everyones office here? A lot of people, very few?
This is the smallest place I have worked. I have worked at places as few as 10 people, up to a huge Nevada casino, with hundreds! Thats the versatility of a city like Reno.
20th-Jul-2006 09:16 am - Hello
Hello everyone I am new here and thought I would try to shake things up since it looks like this community has been dead for a while. My name is Michele and I am in sales. I sell memberships to a dating service. I am new to it but the job itself is enjoyable and I love my coworkers. Tonight I am going to my first social function for work purposes. It is at a singles wine tasting, and we have this thing called "the wheel of love" that people can spin and they can win things from a keychain or candy up to free memberships or generous discounts. I will be wearing a dress that I feel is appropriate, not too low cut but dressy and glamorous with nylons and small heels (about 1 inch) and I am so excited! What sort of events do you all have for your industry? What sort of dress and behavior have you found to be appropriate?

21st-Mar-2006 12:51 pm - Question...
Is anyone in this community a sales manager for their company or in charge of buying/selling with multiple clients?
5th-Mar-2006 05:57 pm - Just a note
This forum is moderated. If you are joining this forum to post your spam, don't bother. If you have joined other groups only to post spam, you will not be added. I check each user's journal, if it's spam, you don't get to join. Period.
4th-Feb-2006 11:03 pm - Rather as I suspected
Yep, we're all too busy doing business to talk about it online.

No great suprise, I suppose :)
8th-Jan-2006 04:10 pm - Retail in West Seattle
Mighty Mercy-dite

Greetings Business Professionals!

I ran across a seemingly strange business practice today and wanted to get your perspectives on the matter.

Today I headed out to my neighborhood art supply store for two specific items I had seen there before: Modge Podge and Burt's Bees lip balm. I found the Modge Podge art supply easily, but couldn't locate any Burt's Bees products and asked a salesperson for assistance.

Her reply: "We don't carry Burt's Bees anymore. Too many other stores carry it now and we found it's not worth competing with them." [NB: the stores she listed are local natural food and gourmet shops - no national chains]

My reply: "Okay, and just so you know, I came here specifically because I knew you carried it. I didn't choose the other stores."

Her reply: "Right, a lot of other customers say the same thing. But we also like to carry items that other places do not carry. Burt's Bees is just too popular."

Now I've taken several business classes in college, managed a small translation company for four years, and currently run my own small business, and this mentality seems OFF to me. If the products are not moving - I say, yes, pull them off the shelf. But if they are removing them, even though they sell well, for the specific reason of not wanting to sell something popular, seems strange. This store is not a pure novelty shop like the beloved Archie McPhee, it's just an art supply shop with goodies like stationery and soaps. I don't get why they'd pull such a fabulous product like Burt's Bees.

I'd love feedback explaining the rationale.

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