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Business Professionals

So how was your day at work?

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This community was created in response to the utter dearth of business and professional communities on LJ. The community is designed with the intention of being a networking and idea sharing forum for people employed in a professional business setting and those interested in how business is done. Sales, marketing, and management professionals, this is your space!

This is a moderated community. There will be no hucksterism, no hawking your product, service, or website in a spammish way, and no, and I mean NO, flaming or trolling allowed on this board. Period.

What we will, I hope, have is intelligent, adult conversation and idea sharing about professional life and business, reviews of business books and tapes, and support and maybe even friendship as we move through our professional lives.

3/24 - OK, thanks to some spamming jerkwads, there's been a change to the rules - you now have to be a member to reply to posts. -MBH